Progress as Promised

As I have stated in previous blog posts, I normally stay away from politics and tend to keep most of my beliefs to myself.  I will say however, I do not have any particular political affiliation, nor do I plan to. I am kind of a live and let live type of guy as it pertains to politics, religion, lifestyle, or just about anything else.  No judgments, no lecturing, live your life the way you want, and I will live mine the way I want.

That being said, I saw something the other day as I was scrolling through Facebook that really caught my eye and made me think a little bit.  Now, as I mentioned, I will do my best not to turn this into a political rant, but more of a different viewpoint of something I’ve never given much thought to. I’m not quite sure what the post even was, or where it came from, or even who posted it.  It was a picture with an article link to something I didn’t even read, but it was the photograph attached to it that got me.  It was a photo of some people protesting holding signs, and one of the signs read, “Why is there always money for war, but not for education.”

Now as to why this hit me so hard, I’m not quite sure, but it did.  Maybe because I have children that go to school, maybe it is just a common sense thing, I still don’t know, but it did.  If we have enough money as a country to spend fighting, what seems like a never ending war, then why is it that we never seem to have enough money in our education system?  Or, for that matter, anything else.  We, as a country spend billions upon billions of dollars to fund wars, and police actions, but yet we have millions of people inside our own country that starve on a daily basis because there is no money for food?  I don’t get it, and maybe I’m not supposed to, but it seems silly to me.

I’m not anti-military, or anything of the sort, and I do believe it is important to have a strong military for our safety.  I wish the isolationist theory could actually work, but in reality that is something that is unattainable, especially how the rest of the world views the United States.  And, because there are times when other countries do actually need help with particular issues, so it is still important for us to be able to give aid when needed.

That being said, I just think that more emphasis should be on our country on an internal level.  We have people that are homeless, starving, uneducated, unhealthy, and many numerous other issues, yet there never seems to be enough money to help those people, but there is always enough money to continue a war or wars that seem to have no end or no reason.

Not sure what you think, but it Workes for me…

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