A New Chapter Begins Part 3

I haven’t really posted anything for while, not much has changed, so for the most part, there wouldn’t be anything new to say. The kids and I are doing good, getting our routines back in order. There are days now and again that get difficult, but that is to be expected I am told. Seems like life is actually started to get back to normal.

This week, the kids and I finally laid Heather to rest. We picked what we thought was the perfect spot to spread her ashes. It was a lot harder than what I anticipated, but it was also necessary for me, her, and the children. After we did, I took a few moments to say a few words, and just like in the movies, as I finished, a gust of wind picked up. It gave me the comfort of knowing she was there and let me know, everything was okay.

So, now that there is closure we begin to move on with our lives. We will never forget, and she will always be loved with the biggest part of our hearts. I know her well enough to know she would never want us to sit around sulking. The one wish she had for all of us was to find happiness. The happiness we want and deserve. The happiness we create for ourselves. True and real happiness.

As we begin this new chapter in our lives, I will teach my children to go after those things that truly make them happy, and to never settle for someone else’s definition of happy. What is in our hearts is where we find the truth and the happiness we desire. We only have to act on those desires to bring about our true happiness. That is what Heather wanted for me and for our kids more than anything. Our true happiness.

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